Sino-Foreign Educational Cooperation Programs in College of Chemistry, Fuzhou University
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1. FZU-TUKL “5+5” Bachelor Progame

It is the aim of the Bachelor Double-Degree-Program (DDP) described below to open up an opportunity for selected students coming from the College of Chemistry to receive both, a Bachelor degree of Fuzhou University and of TU Kaiserslautern. For this purpose, a special course taking ten semesters is implemented. It is divided into two parts carried out at the two sites.



Studies at FZU

Each year up to 20 students from the College of Chemistry who are in the second term of their studies are admitted into the German language course of the DDP. The criteria for each step of the selection process from the 2nd to the 5th term are based on mutual agreement between the College of Chemistry at Fuzhou University and the Department of Chemistry of TU Kaiserslautern. A special curriculum is designed for these students (see below). An intensive education in the German language is integral part of this curriculum. The German courses replace the compulsory courses in College English from the 2nd to the 4th term. The 5 top students of the DDP group – according to their score in their major and their score in German – will be selected for further study at TU Kaiserslautern if they successfully pass the APS interview conducted by a professor from TU Kaiserslautern (see below). The number of selected students may be higher if the Department of Chemistry at TU Kaiserslautern has adequate capacity.

The students will spend their first five semesters at Fuzhou University, the additional German courses will cover 7 hours per week from the second to the fourth semester. The fifth semester will be completely covered by an intensive German training of 20 hours per week. This will prepare the students for the DSH preparatory course, held at the TU Kaiserslautern in the sixth semester (see below) and followed by the DSH examination at TU Kaiserslautern. The courses in the following table that are highlighted in grey are of fundamental importance. Only students who successfully complete these courses are qualified for further study at TU Kaiserslautern.

Studies at TU Kaiserslautern

All course achievements by the students at Fuzhou University will be approved by TU Kaiserslautern. The students will start with a German course including the DSH examination which has to be passed at the end of the 6th semester. After this, the students start studying chemistry beginning in the 3rd semester of the TU Kaiserslautern chemistry course and finish with the 6th semester (10 semesters in total). At the end the students receive both a Bachelor degree from Fuzhou University and TU Kaiserslautern.

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The benefited students under this framework:

1. Year 2013: Lei Huang(黄雷), Wei Xia(夏薇), Zheng-Lin Zhuang(庄铮琳), Xin-Qi Yang(杨心沁), Yun-Feng Lan(兰云峰)

2. Year 2014: Shi-Hao Wang(王世豪), Sheng-Jie Cai(蔡圣洁), Ying Chen(陈莹)

3. Year 2015: Yi-Yong Zeng(曾艺勇), Yi-Shuo Chen(陈贻烁), Jin-Bo Ke(柯锦波), Chen Lin(林晨), Zhi-Wei Zheng(郑志伟)

2. MAINZ: Graduate School of Materials Science in University of Mainz

The graduate school consists of roughly 150 members, comprised of PhD students (funded by MAINZ and other sources) and Faculty. MAINZ could accept three kinds of students from College of Chemistry at Fuzhou University: 1. full PhD programme in MAINZ graduate school (only single cases, strict selection process with worldwide competition); 2. visiting PhD students; 3. internship programme: excellent bachelor students in their final year or master students who could come to Mainz for two to three months.

(每年将向福州大学化学学院招收:3名联合培养硕士研究生,2-3名联培养博士生, 2-3名博士生,提供1500欧/月奖学金)

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The benefited students under this framework:

1. Year 2016: Can Yang(阳灿, from Prof. Xinchen Wang Group), a visiting PhD student funded by MAINZ to Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester Group in Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research.

2. Year 2017: Lei Li(李雷, from Prof. Mei-Jin Lin group), an awardee of conference scholarship to MAINZ Summer School New Directions in Spintronics Research at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, September 24-30.

3. FZU-UA “3+2” Master Progame


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