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Name: 陈兆委 (Zhaowei Chen)
Title: Professor (海外高层次人才、闽江学者特聘教授)
Degree: Ph.D. (理学博士)
Position: PhD Student Supervisor (博士生导师)
QQ: 253523348
Email: chenzw@fzu.edu.cn | zchen88@zju.edu.cn
Research: ChemicalBiology (化学生物学), Artificial cells (人工细胞), Biocatalysis (生物催化), Nanomedicine (纳米医药)


分析化学 (学硕、博士)、药学(学硕,药剂/药化/药分)、生物与医药工程 (专硕)





Education and Work Experience (教育工作经历)

2021.04 – now: College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Adjunct Professor (浙江大学,药学学院,兼职教授;顾臻教授(长江学者)团队)
2020.03 – now: Collge of Chemistry, Fuzhou University, Professor (福州大学,化学学院,教授;杨黄浩教授(长江/杰青)团队)
2019.03 – 2020.03: University of California-Los Angeles,Postdoc (Supervisor:Zhen Gu, Professor)
2017.06 – 2019.03: Argonne National Lab,Postdoc (Supervisor:Elena A. Rozhkova, Scientist)
2016.04 – 2017.06: North Carolina Sate University,Postdoc (Supervisor:Zhen Gu, Professor)
2010.09 – 2016.01: Changchun Insitute of Applied Chemistry, Ph.D. (Supervisors: 任劲松&曲晓刚, 杰青/杰青)
2006.09 2010.07: Northwestern Polytechnical University (西北工业大学),B.E.

Courses (教学)

Medical Nanomaterials, 《医用纳米材料》

Principles and Applications of Biocatalysis,生物催化反应原理及应用》


News (组内动态)


April 1 - Miss Xiao Xu, Wenqi Xie, and Ting Wu co-first authored work, collobarated with Prof Binks from Univeristy of Hull, on bacterial microcompartment-inspired Pickering emulions has been published in Science China Chemistry! Congrats!Read more...

March 13 - Miss Hao Chen's work, collobarated with Prof Zhitong Chen from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), on microneedle patch and cold atmospheric plasma has been published in Nano Research! Congrats! Read more...

March 11 - Welcome Miss Shanshan Su to join the group!!!

March 7 - Our collaborated work with Prof Yujun Song from Nanjing University on bioorthogonal catalysis has been published in ACS Nano! Congrats! Read more...


September 26 -  Our review paper with the topic of bioorthogonal catalysis for prodrug activation has been published in Chemical Commications (Invited)! Congrats! Read more... 

September 1 - Welcome Miss Fang Jiang, Ling Xie, Rongjin Yang, and Min Zhou to join the group!!!

June 29 - Miss Sijie Song's work on stimuli-activated turn-on T1 imaging-guided cancer therapy has been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials! Congrats! Read more...

June 28 - Mr Hongli Wang, Mr Weiqing Tong,and Miss Jinrong Chen have won a¥10,000 SRTP support! Congrats!!!

June 14 - Miss Baoliu Chen's work on detecting telomease activity has been published in Targets (invited)! Congrats! Read more...

June 12 - Dr. Zhaowei Chen has been selected as the Young Star Editor of Nano Research.

June 6 - Baoliu Chen, Junduan Dai, Zheng Liu, Yuchen Guo and Qianwen Gong finished their dissertation defences! A Big Day! Congrats!!


January 9 - Junduan's work on turn-on T1 magnetic resonance imaging of biomarkers in whole-animal models has been published in JACS. Read more...


December 19 - Our colloborated work with Dr. Zhongzhu Hong, and Profs Qiushui Chen and Huanghao Yang has been published in Accounts of Chemical Research. Read more...

September 23 - Xianzhe's Highlight paper on NIR-II Optogenetics has been published MedComm - Biomaterials and Applications! Read more...

September 8 - Our group got a funding support from National Natural Science Foundation of China (¥540,000). Thanks to every group member's hard working.

June 20 - Miss Chaojie Hao, our undergraduate student, has won a ¥10,000 SRTP support! Congrats!!!

June 17 -Welcome Yuheng Yang, Wenqi, Wen, and Xuecen to join our group!!


October 29 - Miss Chen Chen's paper has been accepted by Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (IF=15.3). Congrats! Read more...

August 27 - Welcome Dilan, Hao, Qi, Tingjing, and Xianzhe to join the Group!!

August 13 - Dr Zhaowei Chen's work on Bioorthogonal Catalysis has been selected as the Cover of the August Issue, and highlighted by Matter (Cell Press, written by Prof Wenguo Cui), and F1000 Faculty Opinions (written by Prof Xing-Jie Liang).

June 3 - Hao Lian finished his Master Degree defense! Congrats!!!

May 10 - Dr Zhaowei Chen's work on Bioorthogonal Catalysis has been published in Nature Nanotechonlogy. Read more...

February 24 - Dr Zhaowei Chen's work on X-ray Optogenetics has been published in ACS Nano. Read more... 


September 8 - Welcome Ting Wu, Mengnan Wu, Baoliu Chen, Sijie Song, Zheng Liu, and Yuheng Guo to join the Group!!

March 23 - Welcome Junduan Dai, Chen Chen, Xiao Xu, and Hao Lian to join the Group!!

February 01 - Dr Zhaowei Chen joined Prof Huanghao Yang's team in the College of Chemistry at Fuzhou Univeristy!!

January 25 - Dr Zhaowei Chen left UCLA to start his new career. 

 Group Members (组内成员)

PhD Students



118B50 52D03
Chen Chen Xiao Xu Yuheng Guo Yuheng Yang


Mengnan Wu Sijie Song Ting Wu Ling Xie


Join Soon

Join Soon Join Soon
Dilan Ouyang Yang Yang  Kun Kang Shanshan Su

Master Students



Hao Chen Qi Wang Tingjing Huang Xianzhe Tang


Wen He Wenqi Xie Xuecen Shou



Fang Jiang

Rongjin Yang

Min Zhou

Undergraduate Students


Chaojie Hao Hongli Wang
Weiqing Tong Jinrong Chen



Shanshan Su

Research Assistant

Xiaofeng Cheng

(Hongkong Technology University)

André Yeh

(London University)

 Reserach Overview (科研简介) 

No expertise and a lot of curiosity!

Our group research interests focus on design and synthesis of bioinspired and biomimetic materials for nanomedicince, biomedical engineering, biocatalysis or bioorthogonal catalysis, and X-ray optogenetics applications. We have pulished around 90 high-impact papers, with citations near 7800 and an H-index of 46. 

目前主要从事生命分析化学及化学生物学相关的基础研究与应用,包括仿生人工细胞、生物正交催化/生物催化、纳米医药(针对糖尿病、神经退行性疾病、癌症等疾病)、X射线光遗传学等。近年来已在相关领域发表SCI论文90余篇,其中第一作者/通讯作者论文30余篇,包括:Nat. Nanotechnol. (2篇), Nat. Chem. Biol., Sci. China Life Sci., J. Am. Chem. Soc. (3篇), Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (3篇), Adv. Mater., Adv. Funct. Mater., Chem. Soc. Rev., Acc. Chem. Res. (5篇), Biomaterials (2篇), Biosens. Bioelectron., Chem. Commun., Chem. Eur. J.。总引用次数7800余次,H-因子46。工作多次被Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Methods, JAMA等亮点报道。

 Research and Publications (研究方向及代表性论文)

  Google Scholarhttps://scholar.google.com/citations?user=3SyRXJAAAAAJ&hl=en

(I) Artificial synthetic cells and protocells built upon chemistry, synthetic biology and micro-/nanomaterials for theranostic, biosensing, bioenergy conversion and life-of-origin researches.

1. Z. Chen, J. Wang, W. Sun, E. Archibong, A. R. Kahkoska, X. Zhang, Y. Lu, F. S. Ligler, J. B. Buse and Z. Gu (2018). "Synthetic beta cells for fusion-mediated dynamic insulin secretion." Nature Chemical Biology 14: 86. (Highlighted by NIH blog and JAMA.)

2. Z. Chen, G. De Queiros Silveira, X. Ma, Y. Xie, Y. A. Wu, E. Barry, T. Tajh, H. C. Fry, P. D. Laible, E. A. Rozhkova (2019) “Light-Gated Synthetic Protocells for Plasmon-Enhanced Chemiosmotic Gradient Generation and ATP Synthesis.” Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58, 4896. (Highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology)

3. Z. Chen, H. Zhang, P. Guo, J. Zhang, G. Tira, Y. J. Kim, Y. A. Wu, Y. Liu, J. Wen, T. Rajh, J. Niklas, O. G. Poluektov, P. D. Laible and E. A. Rozhkova (2019). “Semi-artificial Photosynthetic CO2 Reduction through Purple Membrane Re-engineering with Semiconductor.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 141, 11811.

4. Z. Chen*, D. Wen, & Z. Gu * (2020). “Cargo-encapsulated cells for drug delivery.” Science China Life Sciences 63, 599.

5. X. Han, H. Li, D. Zhou, Z. Chen* and Z. Gu* (2020). “Local and Targeted Delivery of Immune Checkpoint Blockade Therapeutics.” Accounts of Chemical Research 53, 2521.

6. Z. Chen, Z. Wang, Z. Gu (2019) “Bioinspired and Biomimetic Nanomedicines” Accounts of Chemical Research, 52, 1255.

7. Z. Chen, Q. Hu, and Z. Gu (2018). “Leveraging Engineering of Cells for Drug Delivery.” Accounts of Chemical Research 51, 668.

8. C. Chen, Y. Zhang, Z. Chen*, H. Yang* and Z. Gu*(2021). Cellular transformers for targeted therapy. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 179, 114032.

(II) Inspired by the nature of metalloenzyme-catalyzed reactions, metal complex (artificial enzymes) or metal nanoparticles (bioorthogonal catalysts) can be synthesized and utilized as abiotic catalysts for deploying artificial chemistry in biological environments.

1. F. Zeng, Y. Pan, M. Wu, Q. Lu, S. Qin, Y. Gao, X. Luan, R. Chen, G. He, Y. Wang*, B. He*, Z. Chen* and Y. Song*. (2024). Self-Metallized Whole Cell Vaccines Prepared by Microfluidics for Bioorthogonally Catalyzed Antitumor Immunotherapy, ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.3c09871.

2. X. Liu, H. Huang, Z. Chen*, and H. Yang*. (2023). “Progress in Controllable Bioorthogonal Catalysis for Prodrug Activation.” Chemical Communications DOI: 10.1039/D3CC04286C.

3. Z. Chen, H. Li, Y. Bian, Z. Wang, G. Chen, X. Zhang, Y. Miao, D. Wen, J., G. Wan, Y. Zeng, P. Abdou, J. Fang, S. Li, C. and Z. Gu* (2021).“Bioorthogonal Catalytic Patch.” Nature Nanotechnology, 16, 933-941. (Cover of the August Issue; highlighted by Matter and F1000 Faculty Opinions)

4. Z. Chen, H. Ji, C. Liu, W. Bing, Z. Wang and X. Qu (2016). "A Multinuclear Metal Complex Based DNase-Mimetic Artificial Enzyme: Matrix Cleavage for Combating Bacterial Biofilms." Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55(36): 10732.

5. Z. Chen, Z. Wang, J. Ren and X. Qu (2018). “Enzyme Mimicry for Combating Bacteria and Biofilms.” Accounts of Chemical Research 51, 789.

(III) The high spatiotemporal resolution of light makes optical nanomaterials promising for therapeutic/bioimaging studies, and developing optogenetic light delivery devices.

1. Z. Hong, Z. Chen,* Q. Chen,* and H. Yang* (2023). "Advancing X-ray Luminescence for Imaging, Biosensing, and Theragnostics". Accounts of Chemical Research 56(1): 37.

2. X. Tang, Z. Chen,* and H. Yang* (2022). "Near-infrared-II-activated photothermal nanotransducers for wireless neuronal stimulation." MedComm – Biomaterials and Applications 1(2): e15.

3. Z. Chen, V. Tsytsarev, Y. Zou Finfrock, O. A. Antipova, Z. Cai, H. Arakawa, F. W. Lischka, B. M. Hooks, R. Wilton, D. Wang, Y. Liu, B. Gaitan, Y. Tao, Y. Chen, R. S. Erzurumlu, H. Yang, and E. A. Rozhkova (2021). "Wireless optogenetic modulation of cortical neurons enabled by radioluminescent nanoparticles." ACS Nano15(3), 5201.

4. Z. Chen, Z. Li, J. Wang, E. Ju, L. Zhou, J. Ren and X. Qu (2014). "A Multi-synergistic Platform for Sequential Irradiation-Activated High-Performance Apoptotic Cancer Therapy." Advanced Functional Materials 24(4): 522.

5. Z. Chen, Z. Liu, Z. Li, E. Ju, N. Gao, L. Zhou, J. Ren and X. Qu (2015). "Upconversion nanoprobes for efficiently in vitro imaging reactive oxygen species and in vivo diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis." Biomaterials 39: 15.

(IV) Bioinspired microreactors made of Pickering emulsions, colloidal particle-stabilized droplets, or functional nanomaterial-integrated living cells, for biocatalytic conversion applications and beyond.


1. X. Xu, W. Xie, T. Wu, C. Chen, X. Chen, Y. Yang, H. Lian, H. Chen, X. Chen, Z. Chen, G. Chen, L. Chen, Y. He, Z. Chen,* B.P. Binks* and H. Yang*  (2024). "Bacterial Microcompartment-Mimicking Pickering Emulsion Droplets for Detoxification of Chemical Threats under Sweet Conditions", Science China Chemistry, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11426-024-2014-9.

2. Z. Chen, E. A. Rozhkova (2018) “Intracellular gold nanoclusters boost energy conversion.” Nature Nanotechnology, 13, 880.

3. Z. Chen, C. Zhao, E. Ju, H. Ji, J. Ren, B. P. Binks, X. Qu (2016). “Design of Surface-active Artificial Enzyme Particles to Stabilize Pickering Emulsions for High-Performance Biphasic Biocatalysis.” Advanced Materials 28(8): 1682.

4. Z. Chen, H. Ji, C. Zhao, E. Ju, J. Ren and X. Qu (2015). "Individual Surface-Engineered Microorganisms as Robust Pickering Interfacial Biocatalysts for Resistance-Minimized Phase-Transfer Bioconversion." Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54(16): 4904.

5. Z. Chen, L. Zhou, W. Bing, Z. Zhang, Z. Li, J. Ren and X. Qu (2014). "Light Controlled Reversible Inversion of Nanophosphor-Stabilized Pickering Emulsions for Biphasic Enantioselective Biocatalysis." Journal of the American Chemical Society 136(20): 7498.

(V) The rich chemical, physical and biological functions of biomolecules, like DNA, protein, and polysaccharides, enabled us to develope advanced theranostic platforms for biomedical engineering applications.

1. J. Dai, Z. Liu, L. Wang, G. Huang, S. Song, C. Chen, T. Wu, X. Xu, C. Hao, Y. Bian, E.A. Rozhkova,* Z. Chen,* H. Yang* (2023). "A Telomerase-Activated Magnetic Resonance Imaging Probe for Consecutively Monitoring Tumor Growth Kinetics and In Situ Screening Inhibitors", Journal of the American Chemical Society, DOI: 10.1021/jacs.2c10749.

2. S. Song, Q. Wang, J. Xie, J. Dai, D. Ouyang, G. Huang, Y. Guo, C. Chen, M. Wu, T. Huang, J. Ruan, X. Cheng, X. Lin, Y. He,* E. A. Rozhkova,* Z. Chen,* and H. Yang* (2023). "Dual-Responsive Turn-on T1 Imaging-Guided Mild Photothermia for Precise Apoptotic Cancer Therapy", Adv. Healthcare Mater., 2023, n/a, 2301437.

3. H. Chen, X. Tang, Y. Huang, C. Chen,* Y. Yang, C. Hao, W. Xie, T. Huang, X. Cheng, Q. Xu, S. Huang, Z. Ye, X. Lin, Z. Chen* and Z. Chen* (2024), "Remodel the Perifollicular Microenvironment via Minoxidil-loaded Microneedle Patch and Cold Atmospheric Plasma for Treating Androgenetic Alopecia". Nano Research, DOI: 10.1007/s12274-024-6619-0.

4. B. Chen, J. Dai, S. Song, X. Tang, Y. Guo, T. Wu, M. Wu, C. Hao, X. Cheng, X. Lin, Y. Bian, Z. Chen,* H. Yang* (2023). "An Activatable Nanoscintillator Probe for Detecting Telomerase Activity and Screening Inhibitors In Vivo", Targets, 1(1). 34-47.

5. Z. Chen, C. Liu, F. Cao, J. Ren and X. Qu (2018). “DNA Metallization: Principles, Methods, Structures and Applications.” Chemical Society Reviews 47, 4017.

 Major Position in Influential Institutions (社会兼职)

1. Independent Reviewer for JACS, Angew. Chem., Advanced Mateirals, Science Advances, Nature Communications, Advanced Functional Mateirals, ACS Nano, Nano Letters, ACS Applied Materials and Interface, Nanoscale, NanoResearch, etc.

2. Guest Editor for Molecules (MDPI), Chemistry (MDPI), etc.

3. Young Editoral Board member of Nano ResearchExploration, Journal of Analysis and Testing.

4. Editoral Board member of Biomimetics

5. Associate Editor of Chemical Biology, Frontiers in Chemistry.

 Fundings (科研项目)

  1. 福州大学“闽江学者”特聘教授科研启动基金 (2020-2023)。

  2. 国家海外高层次人才引进启动基金(2021-2025)。

  3. 福建省海外高层次人才引进启动基金(2021-2025)。

  4. 国家重点研发计划纳米科技重点专项“靶向肿瘤转移节点分子的多模块可编程纳米药物”项目,承担其中课题二的子课题 (2021-2026)。

  5. 国家自然科学基金青年项目 (2022-2024)。

  6. 国家自然科学基金面上项目(2023-2026)。

 Awards (获得奖项)

  1. 国家海外高层才人才青年项目获得者

  2. 闽江学者特聘教授

  3. 福建省海外高层次人才

  4. 中科院优秀博士学位论文

  5. 中科院朱李月华优秀博士生奖

  6. 博士研究生国家奖学金

 Open Positions (职位信息)


Lab location: Fuzhou University, University National Science Park, Yangguang Bldg, Room North 509.

 Questions (考生疑虑解答)


















科研没有捷径,可能的捷径就是发自内心的愿意去多花时间、多花心思专注于科研,真心实意地去改善自己的不足,提高自己能力 (不是老师求着你去做到);到最后毕业时,能成为一个独立完成课题的研究生。




 Alumni (已毕业学生)

Junduan Dai (戴俊端, PhD Degree, June 2023; now staff at Fuzhou University)

Zheng Liu (刘正, Master Degree, June 2023; now Researcher at Wuxi Biologics)

Baoliu Chen (陈保柳, Master Degree, June 2023; now Editor at API)

Yuchen Guo (郭雨晨,Bachelor Degree, June 2023; now Master student at Xiamen University)

Qianwen Gong (龚倩文,Bachelor Degree, June 2023; now Master student at Fuzhou University)

Jiangting Zeng (曾江婷, Bachelor Degree, June 2022; now Master student at Xiamen University)

Yuhui Zhang (张宇荟, Bachelor Degree, June 2022)

Xiaoning Chen (陈晓宁, Bachelor Degree, June 2021; now Master student at Fuzhou University)

Wei Wang (王伟, Bachelor Degree, June 2021)

Hao Lian (连豪, Master Degree, June 2021; now Researcher)